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9 Dec
The Gelding Gourmet

Date: Thu,  9 Dec 93 15:49:21 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: The Gelding Gourmet

 From Monday's "Seen, Heard, Said" section of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

(BTW, for those safely isolated from current pop culture, Lorena Bobbitt
is the woman who is now famous for liberating her husband's Mr. Happy
and throwing it from a moving vehicle.  Heck, pick up a copy of People
Magazine or something.)

OK, we've been good.  We've barely mentioned this Bobbitt thing at all.
We didn't use the name as a punch line, even when we offered our
preferred punishments for Joey.  We let Jay and everybody make endless
jokes and just held our tongue, as it were.  We didn't even print Dave's
Benihana remark.  But finally, something has come to our attention and
we can't remain silent.  A fax appeared on our desk concerning an
alleged book titled "The Gelding Gourmet -- Recipes Inspired by the
Manassas Mauler."  Was it real or just a tasteless (excuse us) hoax?
We dialed the number -- 1-800-NEUTERED -- and to our horror, it's real.
Two operators with no discernible sense of humor quoted us the price
and didn't fathom our skepticism.  By the way, we are trusting none of
you will call.

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