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14 Dec
Traditional Values

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 18:15:37 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Traditional Values

[You can't deny the awful retribution we are so obviously suffering;
 wake up to the message we are being sent...  -psl]

 From: (Paul Gilmartin)

The number one killer of young Americans is the automobile.  However,
the Secular Humanists dominating our schools refuse to acknowledge that
the only safe driving is abstinence from driving.  Instead, they
advocate courses in "Driver Education", in which teenagers are taught
"Safe Driving", and no attention is given to traditional values.  They
are even taught the use of "Seat Belts" (and some classes even give
explicit demonstrations of the proper method of applying these belts!)
with, at best, a passing mention that the protection provided by these
belts is only partial.  Clearly, this sends a mixed message to our young
people:  it appears to condone driving, and the more inquisitive will
surely feel encouraged to experiment with driving.

Stop the wanton slaughter!  Contact your school board member and insist
that driving be taught in the family, in a climate where the moral
implications are not overlooked; not in the schools where hedonistic
instructors teach driving as a mere form of pleasure.

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