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17 Dec
Mission Critical Solitaire

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 93 16:01:22 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Mission Critical Solitaire

[In case it's not obvious, the term "Mission Critical" has been the buzzword
 of choice in NeXT Computer marketing spiels for about two years now...

 From: Darren_Smith@NeXT.COM (Darren Smith)


Mission Critical Solitaire:

WhiteLight Systems announces release of Mission Critical Solitaire 1.0
New era of popularity dawns for NEXTSTEP

PALO ALTO, CA, December 10, 1993 --- WhiteLight Systems, Inc. today announced
the release of Mission Critical Solitaire1.0, a long-awaited application in the
NEXTSTEP community. The object-oriented design of the card game yields smooth
play and an elegant look-and-feel.

"NeXT is focusing on mission-critical custom apps. There are a number of
excellent productivity apps out there. If NEXTSTEP is going to achieve broad
popularity, what it really needs is a superb game of solitaire. This is the
compelling advantage that NEXTSTEP has been waiting for," says Pat "Five Aces"
Rowland, a spokesperson for the company and former professional card player.
"Just look at Windows 3.1. We are hard-pressed to find a better explanation for
the success of Windows 3.1 than the free copy of solitaire that is bundled with
the Microsoft operating system."

Until today, sophisticated corporate sites had a rationale for sticking with
Windows. With the release of Mission Critical Solitaire, NEXTSTEP now does
everything better than the Microsoft product.  "Most people don't know that
solitaire is the app most used on Windows. We kid ourselves about releasing an
anti-productivity app, but government studies prove that widespread adoption of
Mission Critical Solitaire would save in excess of $342.8 million per year in
time lost due to slow and frustrating play of the Microsoft product," continued
Mr. Rowland.

"If you don't have time for a full-day NeXT seminar, five minutes with Mission
Critical Solitaire will persuade you that you can't live without NEXTSTEP,"
concluded Mr. Rowland.

Mission Critical Solitaire runs on version 3.x of NeXT, Inc.'s NEXTSTEP
operating environment for Intel and Motorola processors. It is available from
WhiteLight Systems at the above address. Single copy pricing is $35 prepaid,
plus $12 shipping & handling and sales tax where applicable. There is no
shipping & handling charge for orders sent by e-mail.

In line with NeXT's ObjectWare strategy, Mission Critical Solitaire is also
available in object library form for integration into currency trading,
customer service, office automation, and other mission-critical custom applications.

WhiteLight Systems, Inc. is a privately-held software company headquartered in
Palo Alto, California.

For more information, contact Marina Dellaporta at Whitelight  Systems, Inc.,
350 Cambridge Ave., Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94306  USA, Email:, Tel: (415) 321-2183

Copyright 1993 WhiteLight Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. The WhiteLight
logo and Mission Critical Solitaire are trademarks of WhiteLight Systems, Inc.
NeXT, NEXTSTEP and ObjectWare are trademarks of NeXT, Inc. Windows 3.1 is a
trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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