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19 Dec
More Stupid Criminal Tricks (or nearly so)

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 93 14:09:34 PST
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Subject: More Stupid Criminal Tricks (or nearly so)

From: WEIRDNUZ.304 (News of the Weird, December 3, 1993)
by Chuck Shepherd

* On October 1, Mikey Sproul, age 3, made national news when he commandeered
the family car, which had one flat tire, and cruised down U. S. 41 near
Tampa, Fla., hitting two parked cars and narrowly missing several moving
ones.  Mikey's assessment:  "I go zoom."  On November 11, using a cigarette
lighter, Mikey burned down his family's house, sending his father to the
hospital with second- and third-degree burns.  Mikey's assessment: "Now I
have no more house."
[Tampa Tribune, 10-2-93; Minneapolis Star Tribune-AP, 11-14-93]

* On October 29, two men approached a teller at the Harbor Bank in Baltimore
with a note reading "I have a gun.  Gimme me [sic] your money or else."
According to a witness, the teller looked at the note, which was written on
the back of a deposit slip for another bank, and replied, "This is a
Maryland National [Bank] transaction -- you have to go to Maryland
National."  The men looked at each other, panicked, and ran off.
[Baltimore Sun, 10-30-93]

* In Bay Minette, Ala., Raymond Giadrosich, 39, on trial in September for
killing his wife and mother-in- law near the end of a stormy divorce
proceeding, was convicted on one count.  Although Giadrosich shot his wife,
and then, 10 seconds later, the mother, the jury found him not guilty by
reason of insanity for the first killing but sane and guilty for the second.
[Tuscaloosa News-AP, 9-27-93]

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