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21 Dec
Powell's Technical Bookstore goes online

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 22:43:29 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Powell's Technical Bookstore goes online

[    Powell's City of Books is an immense (and wonderful) bookstore in
 Portland, Oregon.  It's a browser's delight and our visits to Portland
 often include an extra day or two to allow for a visit to Powell's.
    Recently Powell's started another store called Powell's Technical
 Bookstore (just down the street from the big store).  Now it looks as if
 the Technical Bookstore is coming into its own and has made a connection
 with the net.  I hope the big store follows suit soon.

Powell's Technical Bookstore offers online access to its inventory
First, the stats:

Powell's Technical Bookstore           phone 800-225-6911  toll free
33 N.W. Park                                 503-228-3906
Portland, OR 97209  U.S.A               fax  503-228-0505
                                        BBS  503-228-0807
For an automated reply message on how to search, browse, and order online
send an email message to:
This will allow you to receive a series of e-mail messages on how to browse
and search our database containing our entire inventory of new, used,
out-of-print and antiquarian science and technical books.  There is a
keyword search feature, and the queries are usually quite fast, although
email to us takes a bit longer.

You can call us toll free from anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada,
We ship books worldwide.  We take purchase orders, and have a strong
committment to serving businesses as well as individuals.
We will take search lists by fax, mail, or e-mail and try to find the books
you need.  We will look up your searches in the cd-rom Books-in-Print and
try to find a title that will help you.  We special order anything we don't
have if we can get it from the publisher, or give you the information you
need to get the book if we can't order from a particular publisher.
If you have comments on our internet set-up, please send email to:
Happy Browsing!

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