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3 Jan

Date: Mon,  3 Jan 94 23:14:47 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: FLWOTD

[FLW?  If you don't recognize it now, you will after you read the quote.  -psl]

From: Keith Bostic

When anyone asks me how I can best describe my experience in nearly forty
years at sea, I merely say, uneventful.  Of course there have been winter
gales, and storms and fog and the like.  But in all my experience, I have
never been in any accident...  or any sort worth speaking about.  I have
seen but one vessel in distress in all my years at sea.  I never saw a
wreck and never have been wrecked nor was I ever in any predicament that
threatened to end in disaster of any sort.
                -- E.J. Smith, Captain, RMS Titanic, 1907

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