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4 Jan
And you though "Chicago" was just an ugly Mac font...

Date: Tue,  4 Jan 94 00:56:59 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: And you though "Chicago" was just an ugly Mac font...

 From: Keith Bostic <vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU!bostic>

There is an amusing column in this week's InfoWorld on Chicago and
NextStep (p. 52).  In it is a memorable quote about Chicago:

"We've just seen an alpha copy of Chicago, and so far it looks more
like Trenton, N.J."

But wait; it gets better:

"Chicago supposedly updates Windows to have a hierarchical, object-
oriented interface like the OS/2 Workplace Shell.  You can finally nest
folders within folders, for example.  Sure, and when you do, Chicago
copies the contents of one into the other and then deletes the
originals.  Hello, Microsoft, anybody home?  If you check your C
language library, guys, you'll find a function that moves files by
changing those cute little file pointers."

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