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6 Jan

Date: Thu,  6 Jan 94 15:53:32 PST
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Subject: Jinglish

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Japanese car manufacturers often give their show cars English-
style names.  Here are a few names used on actual show cars
exhibited in Japan, as reported by Jean Lindamood in Automobile

     Nissan Big Thumb
     Nissan Leopard J Ferie
     Nissan Fairlady Z
     Mazda Bongo Brawny
     Mazda Proceed Marvie Wild Breeze
     Mazda Familia Interplay
     Mazda Autozam Carol Melady
     Toyota Hiace One Day Trip
     Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Active Vacation
     Toyota Estima Lucida G Luxury Joyful Canopy
     Mitsubishi Pajero Field Guard
     Mitsubishi Delica Green Field
     Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg R
     Mitsubishi Debonair Exceed
     Mitsubishi MUM 500 Shall we join us?
       (Yes, the question is part of the name.)
     Daihatsu Rugger
     Daihatsu D-Bag 4
     Suzuki Escudo Esprit Fun-About 4x4
     Suzuki Jimny Wild Wind
     Suzuki Every Joy Pop Sound
[    My father lived in Japan for many years and whenever I went to visit him
I'd see hundreds of amusingly nonsensical English phrases (on T-shirts, pencil
boxes, soft drinks, etc.)  But when I would return to the U.S. and try to
describe them to friends I could never remember any of them.
    It seems obvious to me that memory (at least mine) is not simply verbal,
but uses the meanings of things to store/retrieve them.  Since these phrases
don't really have meanings, they're very hard to remember except by rote memorization.
    Try this little experiment.  Now that you've read through the list (and
without looking back at it) write down all of the car names you can remember. 
Hmmm.  If you couldn't remember any, then look at the list again; take a good
look.  After you've read a few other pieces of mail try to write the names down
again.  If you can remember any of them an hour from now you're way ahead of me!

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