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6 Jan
Thesis Orals Explained

Date: Thu,  6 Jan 94 17:15:03 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Thesis Orals Explained

The first principle, when you don't know anything about the subject of
a thesis, is to let the candidate talk, nodding now and then with an
ambiguous smile.  He thinks you know, and are counting his mistakes,
and it unnerves him.  ... the second principle of conducting an oral,
... is to pretend ignorance, and ask for explanations of very simple 
points.  Of course your ignorance is real, but the examinee thinks you
are being subtle, and that he is making an ass of himself, and this 
rattles him.
                -- Robertson Davies,
                   "The Ghost Who Vanished by Degrees", High Spirits

[Boy!  That sure explains a lot; NOW you tell me...  -psl]

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