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8 Jan
Homer & Jethro and Journal of Country Music

Date: Sat,  8 Jan 94 16:24:01 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Homer & Jethro and Journal of Country Music

[A recent thread on another mailing list has been concerned the life and
 times of country musicians/comedians Homer & Jethro.  They were certainly
 masters of subtly idiotic humor. -psl]

 From: Christopher Stuart <cs10@CORNELL.EDU>

The last two issues of the Journal of Country Music have also had wonderful
excerpts from Homer and Jethro's "autobiography."  Jethro tells of the time
they returned from Chicago.  A radio announcer asked them how they found
the girls, to which Homer replied, "We just found a big sign that said
'women', walked in, and there they sat!"


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