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13 Jan

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 19:56:30 PST
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Subject: Humor?

[Ever wonder what Microsoft employees do in their time off?  No, I don't mean
the time from midnight to six a.m., I mean those two weeks of vacation they get
every leap year.  Well, listen in as we follow three Microsoft employees who
are doing something constructive for their vacation... -psl] 

 From: Chris LaFournaise <!lafourc>


 From: PAUL R. HAGNER Dept. of Pol. Sci., Wash. State University

A pickup with three guys in it pulls into the lumber yard.  One of the guys
gets out and goes into the office.
    "I need some four-by-two's," he says.
    "You must mean two-by-four's" says the clerk.
The guy gets a kind of a blank stare and scratches his head.  "Wait a
minute," he says,   "I'll go check." He goes out to the truck.  The window
gets rolled down, and there's an animated conversation.  Finally the guy
comes back in.
    "Yeah," he says, "I meant two-by-fours."
    "OK," says the clerk, "how long you want 'em?"
The guy gets the blank look again.  "Uh . . . I guess I better go check,"
he says.  He goes out to the truck, again.  There's another animated
conversation.  The guy comes back into the office.
    "A long time," he says,  "we're building a house".

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