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19 Jan
Fun with "Contra Dance" solitaire

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 94 13:11:53 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Fun with "Contra Dance" solitaire

[Here's just the thing for snowed-in contra dancers or snowed-in contra dance
musicians.  You'll notice that the second paragraph doesn't make much sense
unless you assume a double deck of cards.  I'll check with Julie and pass on
any explanation.  -psl]

 From: Julie Mangin <jmangin@NALUSDA.GOV>

I got iced in yesterday, and before I succumbed to cabin fever, I got out
an old book called "150 Ways to Play Solitaire," c. 1950.  I found a
solitaire game called "Contra Dance," and I include the instructions below:

The traditional layout of the sixteen foundation cards is in a circle, but
the game is just as good with the more convenient arrangement here suggested.

Foundations:  Remove all 6's and 5's from the pack and place them in two
rows, the 5's above and the 6's below.  The 6's are to be built up in suit
to queens; the 5's are to be built down in suit to kings (following after

Play:  Turn cards from the hand one by one, placing unplayable cards face
up on a single wastepile.  The top card of this pile, as well as the card
in hand is available for play on foundation cards.

Redeal:  One redeal is permitted.

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