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20 Jan
How to get White House publications...

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 94 23:50:38 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: How to get White House publications...

[In case you haven't written to lately, here is
 the info you get in response to such mail at the moment... -psl]

Begin forwarded message:

From: <autoresponder@WhiteHouse.Gov>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 1994 01:00:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Health Care
To: psl@PASCAL.ACM.ORG (Peter S. Langston)
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7BIT

     Thank you for writing to President Clinton via electronic 
mail.  The President is committed to integrating this dynamic 
medium into the White House.  

     Although the volume of mail prevents the President from 
personally reviewing each message, the mail is read by White 
House staff.  Your concerns, ideas, and suggestions are carefully 
recorded and communicated to the President weekly with a sampling 
of the mail.

     Our electronic communications project has been structured in 
three phases.  Phase One established the Internet address, so 
that we could begin receiving electronic mail.  Phase Two now 
provides a means for interested parties to receive White House 
publications.  The goal of Phase Three, which we hope to achieve 
soon, is to be able to respond electronically to incoming 

     Now that Phase Two of our project is complete, we are proud 
to announce the Internet address for obtaining White House 
documents and publications.  The address is:


To receive instructions for obtaining documents, please send a 
request to the above address.  In the body of the message, type 
"Send Info" (without quotes); no other text is necessary.  The 
instructions will be sent to you automatically.  You will then be 
able to search for and receive a list of documents by simply e-
mailing your request, as outlined in the instructions.  Once you 
have received your list and made your selection, our publications 
server will mail the information you have requested within a 
matter of minutes.  We would like to hear your reactions to this 
new offering.  Send comments/suggestions to:

     All of us at the White House are excited about the progress 
that has been made with this historic project, and we look 
forward to future developments.  Your continued interest and 
participation is very important to us.  


     	       	    	 Stephen K. Horn
     	       	    	 Presidential E-Mail

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