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22 Jan
The Answer Is...

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 94 17:20:29 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: The Answer Is...

[Another report from the scene of the earthquake... -psl]

 From: (Mike Jittlov)
 Subject: Earthquake 42?
 Date: 22 Jan 1994 08:42:42 GMT
 Summary: Don't Panic, it's only a local Quake

              -@:  "COINCIDENCE"?...OR FACT!  :@-

1) The nightly TV news shows are reporting that a baby was born in
a Los Angeles hospital, at the same moment that LA's Magnitude 6.6
earthquake occurred.  And the child's weight is exactly 6.6 pounds.
I called several stations, but no one knows the kid's name, yet.
My vote is for "Sam Andreas".

2) We had an aftershock this morning.  Magnitude 10:42 am.
Amusing.  "42" is the Answer to the Universal Question, as told by
mega-author and Deep Thought-channeler Douglas Adams.  Furthermore,
both "10" and "42 are my two Top Secret Lucky Numbers, as seen in
"The Wizard of Speed and Time" subliminals, and which have appeared
repeatedly throughout my world travels (I have Video-_-Proof).

3) According to the TV News (so it must be true), damage estimates
for "Earthquake 94" have now exceeded $420,000,000 (!there's that
number again!).  To put this in proper perspective, it is now more
than _twice_ the 1993 earnings of Disney executive Michael Eisner!

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(Hmmm...  Wonder what time it is now?  Oh;)

[...and note the date: 22/1/...1994.  1994 is 42 squared!!!!!]

(actually, it isn't - unless you use the cash register at my local
 all-night convenience store, after the quake ;)

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