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25 Jan
MEEMs (Most Embarrassing E-Mails)

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 94 17:20:26 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: MEEMs (Most Embarrassing E-Mails)

 From: Richard E Crandall

... "all-time most embarrassing e-mails."  I have a few myself, one really bad
one; and I know many who have at least one spectacular example.  I am not even
sure how many categories there are, but certainly, such a list must include:

1) Accidentally cc'ing a nasty remark about someone, back to that person;
2) Romantic (and, in worst case, futile) e-mail attempts *and* the sad
   responses get somehow widely distributed;
3) Your mailbox is cracked by some idiot who promtly prints out and passes
   around like confetti multiple copies of all kinds of your stuff;

[As Richard has suggested, I'd like to make a collection of MEEMs and
 publish a little compendium, perhaps with ongoing updates...   If you'd
 like to contribute, you can email them to  Be careful, though;
 it could be painful (but interesting) to have the description of your MEEM
 become your MEEM itself.  -psl]

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