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25 Jan
The RCA dog

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 94 18:11:36 PST
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Subject: The RCA dog

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     Someone posed a question to the Kidsphere list on the RCA dog.  So far
she has not received a definitive answer.  Here's the posting:

 From Sat Jan 22 12:03:06 1994
 From: Rose Manfred <>

Can anyone tell me the breed of dog that you see in adds and  
comercials for RCA appliances (usually TV's)? This was one of those  
bits of trivia that is driving me crazy.


Not really sure what kind of dogs are seen in the current RCA ads,
but the original "Nipper" who posed for the HMV ads promoting
William Owen's Gramophone Company was a bull-terrier cross.

Nipper by the way was originally owned by Mark Barraud and then
went to live with Mark's brother Francis in Liverpool when Mark
passed on. Francis is the one who painted the picture we associate
with the RCA logo.

Interestingly Francis used a cylinder in his original painting and
tried to sell it to Edison. Owen's made him change the horn to a
brass one and the cylinder into a disk before he bought it and
turned it into one of my favorite logos.

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