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26 Jan
More useless quotes

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 94 16:11:19 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: More useless quotes

[No, they're not really more useless, they're just more...  -psl]

 From: Edupage (

"The Superhighway? That sounds like a place that's long and
boring and kills 50,000 people a year." (Dick Cavett at UCLA's
Information Superhighway conference; Business Week 1/24/94 p.6)

... "A computer is only worth what it can fetch at an auction."
(Paul Strassman, former director of information systems at
Xerox Corp;  Investor's Business Daily 1/25/94 p.4)

... "The computer makes writing so easy that nobody has
to think at all before knocking off a 500-pager. Result:
The typical 500-pager nowadays reads as though nobody had
thought at all. My suggestion: a new system warning writers
that they have reached the 300-page mark and that going over
300 will produce a death-dealing electronic assault."
(Russell Baker, New York Times, 1/25/94, A15)

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