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WEIRDNUZ.307 (News of the Weird, December 24, 1993)

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 From: WEIRDNUZ.307 (News of the Weird, December 24, 1993)
 From: Chuck Shepherd

* In November, the Grand Canyon claimed its seventh death-by-fall victim of
the year.  At least two people toppled over backward as they tried to
position themselves to accommodate family photographers.  Said the director
of a local outdoors group, "A lot of tourists approach the Grand Canyon like
a ride at Disneyland . . . and think it's idiot-proof.  The Grand Canyon
wasn't build by attorneys and engineers."
[USA Today, 12-1-93; St. Petersburg Times-AP, 12-2-93; Monroe (La.) News-Star,
11-11-93; High County News, 11-15-93]

* This summer, the government of China proposed a program to raise money by
launching the ashes of dead people into space--either on a 12-year voyage
or forever.  NASA criticized the program, pointing out that it would merely
increase the debris in space.
[Globe & Mail-Sunday Telegraph, 8-25-93]

I Don't Think So

* Councilman Larry Townsend of Alvin, Tex., who said publicly in February
that he thought only Christians should be allowed to hold public office in
the U. S., was further criticized for using a racial slur.  However, he said
the only reason he used the slur was because he was role-playing during a
"training exercise" and had been asked by the "public relations" people
conducting the exercise to use language that would offend minorities.
[Houston Post, 2-2-93]

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