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3 Feb
Weird News Nuggets

Date: Thu,  3 Feb 94 13:41:36 PST
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 From: vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU!bostic (Keith Bostic)
 From: WEIRDNUZ.308 (News of the Weird, December 31, 1993)
 by Chuck Shepherd

* In November, radio evangelist Rev. Joseph R. Chambers of Charlotte, N.
C., issued a four-state warning that Barney, the TV dinosaur, is a tool of
satan because he teaches kids to love others in spite of their differences.
In September, Baptist Rev. Charles Mainous, Pastor Tom Coffman, and other
Columbus, Ohio, area ministers, issued a similar warning about Rev. Billy
Graham, who Coffman said is "helping the anti-Christ" by bringing various
religions together.  [Columbus Guardian, 9-29-93]

* In November, Brazilian farm laborer Francisco Asis dos Santos was
hospitalized near Sao Paulo after he shot himself in the eye.  He told
doctors that he had had a bad toothache and tried to shoot the tooth out,
but missed. [Houston Post-Reuter, 11-26-93]

* In August, the Maine Supreme Court finally rejected the appeal of Douglas
Merrill, who had sought damages from the Central Maine Power Company after
he was badly burned in a 1976 incident.  He was trying to cook an eel using
a live electrical line at a Maine Power substation.  [USA Today, 8-3-93]

* In November, a jury in Columbia, Mo., convicted Elmer Tatum, 35, of
robbery, based in part on the disguise he used.  A witness said the robber
wore a large black garbage bag over his body with only one hole cut out,
for his right arm.  Elmer Tatum's left arm had long ago been amputated.
[Columbia Missourian, 11-19-93]

* Terry Mount, 48, was charged with criminal trespassing in Council Bluffs,
Iowa, in September.  According to police, Mount, who was the maintenance
supervisor at a large apartment house, had entered at least 20 apartments
and stuffed men's magazines, women's underpants, condoms, and other sexually
oriented items behind heating vents. [Des Moines Register, 9-29-93]

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