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Staking out claims along the Information Superhighway...

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Subject: Staking out claims along the Information Superhighway...

Subject: Vaporware publishing?  Get it while it's HOTT!
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Subject: HOTT: Update
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HOTT UPDATE -- Thursday, 3 February 1994

First of all, the first issue of the reinvented HOTT e-magazine is now
scheduled for transmission in late February.  Sorry for the delay, but
it's been a bit tougher to get going than I had planned.  (And our recent
earthquake didn't help matters; my business office is only a few miles
from the epicenter.)  The initial focus will be on materials from trade
magazines and general interest periodicals (e.g., The New York Times and
The Nikkei Weekly).  I'll start covering IEEE sources immediately, but
it may take a few months to kick in summaries from other journals.  In
the interim, I'll be adding selected show coverage.  With my new scanner,
I'll be able to scoop the trades (and most newspapers) with hot(t)-off-the-
press (or is it tree?) copies of keynote speeches from numerous shows and
conferences.  All is going well ... I just need a little more time.  The
transmission that follows is NOT representative of HOTT, but it is a
superb example of one of the added bonuses -- the full-text of key industry
presentations.  Now the good news.

In the last six weeks HOTT has grown from 2,000 to nearly 30,000
subscribers (28,856 to be exact); this already makes HOTT the largest
circulation mailing list on the Internet.  And this figure does NOT
include distribution points in the U.S., such as CMU's Computer
Science Department, NeXT Computer, or the Air Force BBS at the
Pentagon.  An *additional* 15,000 readers are being reached through
distribution points in over a dozen countries, including: Canada, the
U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Sweden,
Finland, Russia, Estonia, Israel, South Africa, Zambia, Australia, New
Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the equivalent of
the U.S. National Academy of Sciences in the People's Republic of
China -- and more distribution points, each representing an average
of 500 or so readers, are being added each week.  And as part of our
publicity campaign, we're mailing (by snail mail, fax, and e-mail) this
announcement to several hundred media contacts in the U.S.; this
will be followed in late 2Q 94 with a mailing to several hundred media
contacts in Europe.

Our goal is to make HOTT the first mass distribution AND truly global
periodical on the Information Superhighway.  Help us to achieve our
goal by informing your colleagues of our offering.

Thank you very much.


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