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4 Feb
Top Ten List for 2/3/94

Date: Fri,  4 Feb 94 22:57:13 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Top Ten List for 2/3/94

 From: "Brian Peek, w/ A. Rauch (CABBS)" <>
Top Ten Oliver North Campaign Slogans
10. "I'll trade arms for your vote"
 9. "Don't make me get a real job"
 8. "At least you already know that I'm a liar"
 7. "A man of convictions, none of them pending"
 6. "Shred this!"
 5. "I've seen Ronald Reagan naked"
 4. "Every American will have pizza delivered by the Rockettes!"
    (The Rockettes were lined up to a pizza place around the corner from 
    the theater, and passed a slice of pizza from person to person, while
    kicking to the tune of "New York, New York" until it finally reached Dave)
 3. "Paper shredder + potatoes = delicious french fries for President Clinton"
    (Dave had an animation of Clinton's head and a box of fries spinning
    around to the music from the film "2001")
 2. "If I-ran/Contra, I can run the country!"
 1. "I nailed Fawn Hall"

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