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15 Feb
Automotive Innovation (not so stupid criminal tricks)

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 94 13:14:30 PST
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Subject: Automotive Innovation (not so stupid criminal tricks)

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 Subject: New car break-in method
 From: Joseph Harper
 WhiteBoard News for February 14, 1994
 This item comes from Dennis Willingham:

London, England:

A British Ford dealer set out to impress potential purchasers with the
burglar-proof features of the new Ford Mondeo by staging a break-in
in his showroom.

As a room full of potential customers watched, the hired thief walked
up to the front of the car and gave it a swift kick in the bumper, near
the airbag sensor.  The bag inflated, AND the central locking system
disengaged.  The thief then opened the door, quickly broke the steering
column lock, hot-wired the ignition and started the car.

News spread quickly, and copycat incidents have followed.

Autoweek says "Sales of The Club should increase."

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