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 From: WEIRDNUZ.311 (News of the Weird, January 20, 1994)
 by Chuck Shepherd

* In November, officials of the Commonwealth Games (featuring athletes from 66
nations competing in Olympic-style events) announced that Ortho McNeil Co.
condoms will be the official condoms of the 1994 Games in Victoria, British
Columbia. [Clue Magazine (Calgary, Alberta), December 1993]

* In July, New York City police arrested a 16-year-old boy named Eddie and
charged him with sexual assault and attempted murder of his stepmother, but
then released him two days later when an investigation revealed that it was his
twin brother, Jesus, who should have been charged.  The stepmother said she
could not tell the boys apart and therefore was not sure which one assaulted
her, and DNA testing of accused rapists was useless since both Eddie and Jesus
have the same DNA.  [New York Times, 7-22-93]

* In March, in response to a citizen complaint, a San Diego police vice squad
officer persuaded the owner of DeRay's, a sexy-costume shop, to remove some of
the stuffing in the crotch of the male swimsuited mannequins in its window.
[[San Diego Reader, 4-1-93]]

* In July, the Cook Islands, which gained independence from New Zealand in 1965
and is home to 18,000 people, reported its very first armed robbery.  A local
man took about $24,000 from a hotel, but was quickly captured. [Louisville
Courier-Journal, 7-25-93]

* In November, Andre Guay, 34, was arrested in Dickson, Tenn., and charged with
various traffic violations.  Guay has black wavy hair and was dressed in black,
with black chrome-tipped boots, and a black jacket with the words "Elvis Lives"
on it.  Guay, who is from Quebec, told police he was distraught over marital
problems and decided to visit Graceland, but that that made him even more
depressed. [Nashville Tennessean, 12-1-93]

* In November, a white woman in Shawnee, Kan., told police she was robbed at
gunpoint in her home by a black man in his 20s.  After rifling her purse and
finding only about $20, he gave back the money, apologized, offered to shake
the woman's hand, and said, "I don't want you to think all black people are
bad." [The Journal Herald of Northwest Johnson County (Kan.), 11-24-93]

* In July, thieves with a blow torch broke into an unmarked tractor-trailer
parked at an Orlando, Fla., motel and stole bags containing 400,000 quarters
while a guard slept in the truck's cab.  Authorities said the loot was so heavy
that it would be difficult even for two full-sized cars to carry it off.
[Orlando Sentinel, 7-14-93]

* In August, Darby Johnson, 24, was arrested in Chippewa Falls, Wis., while
sitting nude in a laundromat with a newspaper over his lap.  He told police he
owned only two sets of clothes and that to wash them separately would require
two trips to the laundromat. [Minneapolis Star Tribune, Aug93]

* On January 1, the government of Pakistan, under the direction of the prime
minister, Ms. Benazir Bhutto, opened a police station in Islamabad run entirely
by women, to deal only with crimes committed against females. [Wilmington, N.
C., Morning Star, 12-21-93]

* In July, a 17-year-old boy, sitting alone on some steps in Manchester, N. H.,
was approached by a police officer on patrol who wanted to stop to chat. 
According to the officer, the boy evaded several questions and then began
coughing violently.  As the officer rubbed his back to ease the coughing, the
boy finally spit out about two hundred dollars' worth of cocaine that he had
swallowed when he saw the officer approaching. [Valley News (Hanover, N. H.), Jul93]

* In November, Carmen Friedewald-Hill, 26, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in
Frederick, Md., for shooting her boyfriend to death.  She shot him in the stomach
during an argument over who loved the other more. [Baltimore Sun, 11-11-93]

* The Salt Lake Tribune reported in December that police officer N. S.  Hall
had recently arrested two men for engaging in sex in a car in Ogden, Utah, and
had taken them to the police station.  Due to a miscommunication at the
station, the men were locked up in the same cell, and immediately began having
sex again. [Salt Lake Tribune, 12-27-93]

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