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23 Feb

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NT to become an orphan

There are growing indications that Microsoft will drop NT as soon as an
alternative is available. The French journal of record in these matters,
"INFORMATIQUE" published an indepth article under the headline:
"Windows-NT, does it have any future?".  The conclusion is that NT is
a terminal case, crippled by glaring bugs, basic design flaws and
rejection by the marketplace.  Even if Microsoft could resolve the
problems of massive file system corruption and resultant data loss, it
appears it will be a day late and a dollar short.

Here is a portion of NT's obituary from the "INFORMATIQUE" article:

 "MS didn't succeed in positioning NT as a client OS.  So they de-
  fined it as a High performance OS for servers.  The problem is the
  applications (or lack of).  Even Ms didn't announce its own basic apps
  yet.  During a recent developers conference, Bill Gates clearly stated
  that cairo will be NT V2.  That's why devel- oppers are hesitant to
  write apps for NT if cairo will be here in 95 as MS said.  The
  hardware vendors such as DEC, IBM, ....  must provide support to their
  NT clients for at least 3 years.  Their hesitations are understandable
  if MS admits that NT is a dead end.  As Mr Logan suspects, MS will
  drop NT possibly as soon as 6 months, stating the lack of ISV support.
  MS will push chicago and OLE 2.0"

So not only is NT dead in the United States, but also in the worldwide
community. NT is crippled by turtle-like sluggishness, fragile
stability, tendency to file system corruption, and an insatiable desire
for expensive resources. The fact that a two processor NT SMP machine
is slower than a 486 running Novell Netware ( as reported in PC Week
and INFORMATIQUE ) validates what industry insiders have long known, NT
is a dead end without a future.

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