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23 Feb
Puyallup & Darrington -- local humor

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 15:15:38 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Puyallup & Darrington -- local humor

<forwards removed ... again!  Where do they go?>

Recently in Seattle, a major meat packer decided to run a series of radio
commercials.  The idea was to hold contests on radio stations in which the
first 10 callers would win large supplies of sirloin steaks.  So they hired
a market researcher to prepare a report on how the whole thing should be run.

The report contained the following paragraph:

	After careful research, we feel that an appropriate name for the
	contest would be "High Steaks."  We believe that the majority of
	Puget Sound radio listeners are intelligent enough to understand
	the double entendre.  The only geographical area in which we found
	the intellectual sophistication lacking is the Puyallup area, and
	there we recommend that you call the contest "Free Meat."

[What about the Darrington area, where they know the southern practice of
preparing meat by letting it hang outside until it gets "high?"  "High steaks"
should be a real attraction there... -psl]

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