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23 Feb
Domino's "Humanitarian of the Year" Award

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 17:40:25 PST
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Subject: Domino's "Humanitarian of the Year" Award

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    Domino's Gives "Humanitarian of the Year" award to Dr. James Dobson
    of "Focus on the Family"

    This is all I have on this subject so far.  Given Domino's previous
pattern of monetary-gift-giving, this is in character.  Forwarded FYI.
I have no more details as of yet.
    For those not aware, Focus on the Family founded Colorado for Family
Values, originators of Colorado's infamous Amendment 2 and Cincinnati's
Measure 9.  It is a major mover-and-shaker behind anti-gay legal action from
coast to coast, providing over half of Take Back Cincinnati's operating
budget.  It also provides a large amount of funding to other, similar
organizations.  FotF provides CFV with money, publicity, promotion, and
research.  Colorado for Family Values founder Kevin Tobleo, now being
recruited by the Republican Party of Colorado, was recently quoted as
stating, "There can be no peaceful coexistence with homosexuals."
                              - R'ykandar.

Subject: Letter to my local Domino's

Rick Sanders
Domino's Pizza
1622 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304

Dear Mr. Sanders:

We are exremely offended to hear that Domino's Pizza gave its "Humanitarian
Of the Year" award to James Dobson of Focus on the Family, an extremely
homophobic and racist right-wing group that supported Amendment 2.

As a result, we will not order another Domino's pizza and we will urge our
friends to do the same. As you can see by checking our account history, you
are going to lose a substantial amount of business because of your company's
homophobic practices.

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