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2 Mar
Not So Big, Not So Blue...

Date: Wed,  2 Mar 94 02:14:38 PST
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Subject: Not So Big, Not So Blue...

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#10 - Not so Big; Not so Blue; Still IBM
#9  - Hey, Remember Us?
#8  - At IBM, We waste more talent than most companies ever have!
#7  - We're IBM and you'd never have talked that way about us 10 years ago.
#6  - IBM: Bringing yesterday's technology to today's economy.
#5  - Don't kid yourself; we invented ALL the buzz words!
#4  - When our stock is overvalued; we do something about it!
#3  - Well, we never actually said we knew what we were doing.
#2  - Honk if you bought a PCjr!

And the number one slogan for the new IBM:

#1  - IBM: Laying off Thousands and Passing the Savings on to You!

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