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4 Mar
CD Abuse

Date: Fri,  4 Mar 94 14:59:41 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: CD Abuse

[This cautionary note comes from the bluegrass music discussion list.  -psl]

From: Neil Isaacson <nisaacso_at_distmail@ADM.SPS.LANE.EDU>

Tom Diamant writes:
>When Cds first came out I did two tests. I took one and threw in my
>backyard and left it there for about a month. My kids and I used
>it for a toy. Threw it all over the yard. It got rained on,
>scratched, dropped from the tree house and sat out in the
>hot sun for weeks.
>Then I went at it with
>a srcew driver putting deeper and deeper scratches in it. It
>took a pretty deep scratch before it wouldn't play. I also
>put a CD with out the box on the dash board of my 1979
>Chevy van and left it there for two months to see if it
>would warp.

To all concerned:

I understand that CD abuse and related music medium abuse can be passed on
genetically. If your father or mother was an abuser, (CDs, records or
tapes) there is a 95% chance that you also will be an abuser. If you know of a
history of music medium abuse in your family or feel like you are in a state of
uncertainty, seek professional help now so you can prevent its further damage
to you or your musical family unit.

Humble Regards,
Neil I.

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