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9 Mar
Cyberpunk - Online!

Date: Wed,  9 Mar 94 16:36:22 PST
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Subject: Cyberpunk - Online!

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This from this month's Wired.  (I know, I know, facist publication given
its recent net activities, but...)

"Literary Freeware:  Bruce Sterling, maverick journalist/novelist/Net
spider, has placed the entire text of his best selling _The Hacker
Crackdown, Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier_ free on the Net.
Why?  As he explains in his preface to the electronic edition: "I didn't
write this book in order to squeeze every last nickel and dime out of
the mitts of impoverished 16-year old cyberpunk high school students...
Well meaning, public-spirited civil libertarians don't have much money,
either.  And it seems almost criminal to snatch cash out of the hands
of America's direfully underpaid electronic law enforcement community.
The Information inside this book longs for freedom with a peculiar
intensity.  I genuinely believe that the natural habitat of this book
is inside an electronic network."  Sterling's book is now available as
a 500k file at many sites on the Net, including "

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