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9 Mar
Re: A little light bathroom reading...

Date: Wed,  9 Mar 94 16:50:28 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: A little light bathroom reading...

[It has been pointed out to me that there are a few fun_people out there who
think the escaped python story is an urban legend (i.e. apocryphal).  Being a
member in good standing in our culture, I know that the only permitted response
to a challenge of the validity of an urban legend is to manufacture yet another
seemingly crediblt bit of supporting evidence.  But before I even had the
chance, another culture-mate picked up the ball and sent this in... -psl]

From: "Charles A. Bigelow" <bigelow@CS.Stanford.EDU>

That escaped python in Santa Rosa was found. Although it was feared that it had
slithered down the drain, actually it had simply crawled from the tub to under
the washbasin and wrapped itself around a pipe - presumably the hot water pipe
where it could keep toasty warm. The searchers didn't think to look in such a
typical (for a python) lurking place.

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