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10 Mar
Re: The Rude Awakening...

Date: Thu, 10 Mar 94 15:14:27 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: The Rude Awakening...

From: Mike Jittlov <>

Pshaw!  The Quake Alarm is nothing new.  In 1963, I built
a UFO Alarm (as per instructions in The Amalgamated Flying
Saucer Clubs of America Monthly).  In its crudest form, it
was a magnet, hanging from a 6' wire, which itself threaded
through a narrow loop of wire.  When a UFO hovered nearby,
(as the invisible ones do so often here in Hollywood), its
magnetic field would affect the magnet, touch the wire to
the loop, complete an electrical circuit, sound a piercing
alarm, and alert myself and all of my (ex) neighbors.  And
I think it no "coincidence" that the device would _also_ be
triggered by earthquakes.  Now you know their True Cause.

-- Mike "MJ-12" Jittlov

[I wonder if PAIA or Southwest Technical Products makes a kit form?  -psl]

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