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15 Mar
Spoiler Alert!

Date: Tue, 15 Mar 94 23:37:31 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Spoiler Alert!

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From: (David N Monack)
Subject: Re: Don't post Jane Eyre spoilers!

All these spoilers are pissing me off.  For instance, I was reading a book
called the Gospels (an inferior sequel to an old Hebrew series called the
Torah).  I'm up to the part when their crucifying the Jesus character, and
some nut comes up to me and says, "Jesus died and rose again. Hallelujah!"
totally ruining the ending for me.

I found the ending a little disappointing anyway. He comes back to life?
How cheap.  It's almost as bad as saying the whole thing was a dream.  I
was hoping that that God character would send a few plagues or turn Pontius
Pilate into a pillar of salt or something.  That's exciting.  That's drama.
The moral is: Don't read sequels.  (By the way, I hear that this Mohammed
guy has done a new version of the Bible series called the Quran.  I haven't
read it yet, so don't nobody tell me how it ends.)

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