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16 Mar
X-rated Disney

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 94 01:28:58 PST
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Subject: X-rated Disney

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From: (AP)
Subject: Nude View Inserted In Cartoon
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 94 3:20:19 PST

NEW YORK (AP) -- Disney animators with mischief on their minds
inserted X-rated scenes into laserdisc versions of ``Who Framed
Roger Rabbit?''

Thousands of discs already sold contain full frontal nude views
of the shapely cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, along with an
X-rated sexual encounter and graffiti offering Disney boss Michael
Eisner's home phone number as that of a brothel run by Allyson
Wonderland, The Daily News reported Tuesday.

At 24 frames per second, the action is too fast for the eye to
pick up the subliminal inserts, but laserdisc technology lets
viewers watch one frame at a time.

The most revealing scene comes when Jessica is riding through
Toon Town with actor Bob Hoskins. Their taxi crashes and they
tumble out. As Jessica tumbles, her skintight red dress rides up.
At normal speed she appears to be wearing underwear. But slowed
down, three frames show her wearing nothing.

``You can see right down Broadway,'' said Daily Variety
columnist Michael Fleming, who uncovered the prank.
Officials at Walt Disney Co. are trying to find the culprits.

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