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16 Mar
Just a bit of education...

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 94 02:05:44 PST
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Subject: Just a bit of education...

Forwarded-by: (Henry Cate)


   The following are actual complaints from faculty members' student
evaluations over the past few years (here and at other universities):
     +"My grade was unfairly hurt by my in ability to write."
     +"I was not motivated by always having my ideas challenged."
     +"I would recommend this course only to a friend who likes to read."
     +"I did not like being asked about the readings before the instructor
told me the answers of what parts we should know for exams."
     +"It was unfair that my grade was not as high as it might have been if
I had scored better when writing answers on test exams or typing the writing
for doing term papers. I think not that my grade might be pulled down if
the instructor has difficulty understanding what I meant to say."

From: Charles Pecheur <pecheur@MONTEFIORE.ULG.AC.BE>

Q: What's the difference between a dollar and a rouble ?
A: A dollar.

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