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20 Mar
Those special effects get more and more convincing...

Date: Sun, 20 Mar 94 00:01:51 PST
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Subject: Those special effects get more and more convincing...

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    London (Reuter) - A British man was found guilty on Tuesday
of having sex with a dog after a video he made of the act was
inadvertently shown to speechless wedding guests expecting to
see a replay of a marriage ceremony.
    The 59-year-old lent his video recorder to a friend to film
the wedding, but forgot to erase from the tape scenes of himself
in sex acts with a neighbour's bull terrier named Ronnie.
    The man said the 10-minute film shown to the jury had been
an attempt at trick photography and featured only simulated sex
acts. He will be sentenced after psychiatric and other reports
have been made available.

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