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29 Mar
Warm up those tonsils

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 94 12:55:27 PST
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Subject: Warm up those tonsils

[Somehow I always seem to miss the point of news articles and get interested in
some trivial tangent.  For instance, reading this article (and ignoring the
telling misspelling of yo-de-lay-hee-hoo) my real interest becomes whether the
word that begins the sixth paragraph represents a careless or carefree choice. -psl]

Forwarded-by: John Lupton <jlupton@SAS.UPENN.EDU>
[excerpted from the _Daily Pennsylvanian_, the student newspaper of the
University of Pennsylvania, Tues Mar 29 1994]

by Jorie Green, Staff Writer

Students who have always longed to "yo-a-lay-hee-hoo" like the Swiss
Miss Hot Chocolate girl now have their chance.

The "Alpine Mint Total Yodel Contest" is being held for yodellers
nationwide as a promotion for the new Carefree Sugarless Gum flavor
"Alpine Mint".

The Nabisco Foods Group, producer of Carefree Sugarless Gum, is
offering a week-long trip for two to Switzerland to the best yodeller in
the country, Nabisco spokesperson Lisa Morgan said yesterday.

A yodelling hotline, 1-800-94-ALPINE, has been set up to record the

Morgan said she thinks University students will be interested in the contest
because "college students really get into that sort of thing." She was
unable to say, however, if college students who have long blond braids
or hail from the Ozarks will fare better in the contest than their urban
yodelling counterparts. Morgan added that the last Nabisco-sponsored
contest, a "moo-off", was not even won by a college student. "Some
person from Baltimore" did the best bovine imitation, she explained.

Careless Sugarfree Gum Senior Product Manager Hunter MacFarlane said
in a press release that callers "should yodel like they've never yodeled
before and feel free to add humor to their yodels." He also suggested
that contestants "use any musical format to give a contemporary twist to
their entries." Punk Rock, Merengue, Progressive, Big Band and Calypso
are some of the suggested musical styles.

Judging the contest is RCA Records talent scout Josh Sarubin, who said
he is looking for "creativity and wackiness." He said he expects the best
yodels to come from "people from the middle of nowhere with too much
time on their hands." Sarubin added that he might use some of the
yodels as background music in upcoming record releases.

College senior Sean McGrath said that although he likes to "yell and
scream pretty loudly," he has never yodelled "professionally". He does
not think he will enter the Total Yodel Contest though.

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