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30 Mar
The Journal of Irreproducible Results Takes a Stand on Abortion

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Subject: The Journal of Irreproducible Results Takes a Stand on Abortion

[This is just one of the carefully researched and presented articles in the
April issue of the mini-Journal of Irreproducible Results <jir@MIT.EDU>. 
Fortunately, recent changes in the mini-JIR copyright notice have made some
forms of excerpting legal (thank you, Marc).  -psl]

Subject: Apr '94 issue of mini-JIR -- please refrigerate promptly
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1994-04-04      Our Stand on Abortion

Where We Stand
With recent advancements in medicine and biology it is now possible to
push back the time of a safe abortion. Because of this, and its impact
on society, it is important that scientists take a stand on exactly how
late an abortion should allowed. We propose 18 years.

                We also commissioned a public opinion survey,
                the results of which are presented here:

                                * * *

                The Abortion Controversy
                A Public Opinion Survey
                by Aaron K. Lish, Ph.D.
                The Institute for Public Acknowledgment

We undertook a definitive survey of American public opinion about the
abortion controversy. Previous attempts to measure the public's views
about abortion have all been flawed or otherwise inadequate. In the
United States, abortion has become an increasingly divisive issue. An
accurate assessment of public opinion could have profound effects on the
country's political and moral climate.

The Survey Question
We surveyed 41,000 adults. The survey consisted of one question:

        Do you support the abortion controversy? (yes or no)

Results of the Survey
We tabulated the responses according to criteria of gender, age,
religious affiliation, and political affiliation.
[A detailed graphical interpretation of the data appears in section
1994-04-12 below.]

        13% YES
        76% NO
        11% UNDECIDED

        76% YES
        13% NO
        11% UNDECIDED

        Ages 18-50:
        59% YES
        32% NO
        9% UNDECIDED

[Note: In order to conform with recent Supreme Court interpretations of
U. S. laws, we have destroyed all data for the age group 51-64.]

        Ages 65 and above:
        23% YES
        21% NO
        56% UNDECIDED

        83% YES
        12% NO
        5% UNDECIDED

        12% YES
        83% NO
        5% UNDECIDED

        Jewish and/or Moslem
        43% YES
        42% NO
        5% UNDECIDED

        Other religeous affiliation, no religious affiliation,
        or illegible:
        3% YES
        3% NO
        94% UNDECIDED

        32% YES
        62% NO
        4% UNDECIDED

        62% YES
        32% NO
        4% UNDECIDED

        33% YES
        33% NO
        34% UNDECIDED

        2% NO
        0% UNDECIDED

Analysis and Conclusion
The American public is deeply divided on the abortion controversy.

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