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30 Mar
SQOTD (Surreal Quote...)

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 14:33:34 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: SQOTD (Surreal Quote...)

[So, is this a mixed metaphor or isn't it?  -psl]

Forwarded-by: bostic@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU (Keith Bostic)

I used to make Death out to be a man.  Poppa Time, ragged beard, bad
sandals, sickle, attitude problem.  But now Death means Female.  And
that's what shook me so.  Death can screw us pretty much any time she
chooses.  Astride, she can bear down on us, hard, and that, I reckon,
I've long known.  But now I had to consider a new possibility.  You
know, screwing her *back*.
		-- Deputy Sheriff Wade Watson Cutcheon, Jr. in unedited
		   tape-recoreded testimony taken four hours after
		   apprehending John Bill Whitehead for having sex with
		   a corpse.

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