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11 Apr
A Graduate of the Richard Nixon School of Political Science?

Date: Mon, 11 Apr 94 14:00:08 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: A Graduate of the Richard Nixon School of Political Science?

Forwarded-by: WhiteBoard News for April 07, 1994

Ypsilanti, Michigan:

Geoffrey Rose had no declared opposition for re-
election to the Ypsilanti City Council.

He lost anyway, to an 18-year-old he thought was
working for his campaign.

Frank Houston, an Easter Michigan University freshman,
collected 32 write-in votes in Monday's general
election.  Rose got 16.

"I am dumbfounded, to put it mildly," Rose said.  "This
guy was on my campaign staff.  I gave (Houston) a copy
of my list of registered voters last week and he said,
'I am going to help you identify voters for your

"I'm guess I'm too trusting."

Houston defended his winning tactics.

"All I would tell was that I would get the people to
vote," he said.  He said he never told Rose which
candidate he would promote.

Houston said Rose, whose ward includes Eastern Michigan
University, approached him several times seeking his
volunteer help because Houston is a member of the
student Senate.  Houston said he eventually decided to
run because he thought Rose was inadequately
representing students.

"I couldn't come out and tell him I was going to run
against him.  I thought he had figured it out," said
Houston.  He is considering majoring in political

Rose gave a different scenario, saying Houston
approached him, volunteering to help identify voters
for his campaign.

Houston and other newly elected council members will be
sworn in Monday.

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