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11 Apr
The Compact Disc Connection

Date: Mon, 11 Apr 94 16:05:07 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: The Compact Disc Connection

From: Gregg TeHennepe <gateh@CONNCOLL.EDU>

Howdy all,

I don't know how many of you got the chance to use this when it first came
out on a trial basis, but BOY was I bummed when it was restricted to
subscribers only.  Perhaps the folks running it realized they'd do a lot
better by making it generally available to the net...  at any rate, I sure
am glad it's back, if for no other reason than being to look up stuff. I
should note that I have not as yet ordered anything through them, so I
can't comment on the service, except to say the on-line stuff is good
(includes track info for most disks, and reviews of some disks).

                        Compact Disc Connection

No login required

                             Welcome to the
                    **  Compact Disc Connection  **
               Dealing Exclusively in the Online Sale of
                           * Compact Discs *

                    - More Than 80,000 CDs Online -
                          - Discount Prices -
                     We accept VISA and MasterCard

** CDC Main Menu **

  (C)Ds           Enter CD database.
  (I)nformation   Display CDC policies and general information.
  (N)umbers       Display free modem access telephone numbers.
  (O)verseas      Display details of shipping to overseas destinations.
  (A)ll-Music     Display details of the All-Music Guide.
  (G)olden Ears   Display details of the Golden Ears Society.
  (S)ales         Display details of current sales.
  (F)ree CDs      Display details of the (almost) free Adventures-in-Music.
  (T)op Selling   Display Billboard's Top Selling CDs.
  (D)irectory     Display the directory of CD labels and manufacturers.
  (P)ausing       Toggle automatic pausing/no pausing of scrolling displays.
  (B)rief         Toggle brief/full menu displays.
  (M)essage       Leave a message to the management.
  (R)etrieve      Retrieve messages from the management to you.
  (Q)uit          Sign off & hang up.

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