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WhiteBoardness 4/11/94

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 94 13:47:01 PDT
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From: WhiteBoard News for April 11, 1994

Vilnius, Lithuania:

In 1992 the former Soviet republic introduced a
temporary currency called the Talonas.  They were also
known as zoo tickets because they bore pictures of

Now, the government is emptying bank vaults of 30 tons
of worthless Talonas notes and sending them to the
Grigikes Paper Factory in Vilnius for conversion into
toilet paper.


Here & There:

A mechanical sea monster designed to terrify tourists
in Land's End, England, attacked and injured a set
designer working on it.

The maker of Little Debbie cookies is suing over a T-
shirt that shows the company's logo -- a girl in a sun
hat -- pushing marijuana-spiked munchies called Little

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