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12 Apr
One-upping the professor

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 94 15:07:16 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: One-upping the professor

Forwarded-by: (Henry Cate)

One professor at school (an econ prof) had a strict policy that the
hourly examinations were done at the bell and anyone who kept writing
on their exam after the bell would take a zero on the exam.  Well, one
guy kept writing on his exam for a while after the bell and then
confidently strode up to turn it in.

The prof looked at him and said "don't bother to hand that paper 
get a zero for continuing after the bell."

The guy looked at him and said, "Professor, do you know who I am!"

The professor replied, "No, and I don't care if your dad is president of the
United get a zero on this exam"

The guy, with a enraged look on his face, shouted, "You mean you have no idea
who I am?"

The professor responded, "No, I've no idea who you think you are."

With that, the guy said "good," plunged his exam into the middle of the stack
of other students exams, and did a hasty retreat from the examination room!


     A professor watched while a mechanic removed engine parts from his car to
get to the valves.  A surgeon, waiting for his car being repaired, walked over
to observe the process.  After they introduced themselves, they began talking,
and the talk turned to their lines of work.
     "You know, doctor," the professor said, "I sometimes believe this type of
work is as complicated as the work we do."
     "Perhaps," the surgeon replied.  "But let's see him do it while the engine
is running."

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