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15 Apr
Tough Questions and Unfamiliar Products

Date: Fri, 15 Apr 94 12:58:57 PDT
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Subject: Tough Questions and Unfamiliar Products

Forwarded-by: bostic@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU (Keith Bostic)
From: WEIRDNUZ.321 (News of the Weird, April 1, 1994)
by Chuck Shepherd

* According to a recently-filed lawsuit, Utah state Sen. Sara Eubank, a
women's rights advocate, fired her employee Jacqueline Hedberg, alleging
that Hedberg's productivity had dropped drastically.  The principal cause
of Hedberg's loss of productivity was that she had not been able to recover
emotionally from being raped in December 1992.  Said a representative of
the Utah National Organization for Women, "[The case] is a tough one for
us." [St. Joseph's News-Press-L. A.  Times, 1-30-94]

* The Seattle Times reported in February that staff members of Washington
state Rep. Adam Smith could not describe to a reporter the workings of the
"sexual devices" that would be restricted for sale in Smith's proposed
legislation.  The bill regulates the sale of books, magazines, films, etc.,
and also requires that devices for sale such as the "penisator" and the
"vibrillator" be kept out of sight of minors.  [Seattle Times, Feb94]

* As of mid-February, after six weeks in office, Mayor Freddie Goode of
Liberty, Ky., has resolved clashes in his new administration by firing four
of the five members of the City Council (the fifth member is Mrs.  Goode),
the chief of police, the city administrator, two office employees, and the
entire planning and zoning board.  He attempted to have the Council members
arrested after their firing, and when the police chief refused, he ordered
the chief arrested for "impersonating a police officer." [Louisville
Courier-Journal, 2-9-94]

* In December, India's Pioneer newspaper reported that U. S. corporations'
donations of relief goods for the victims of the September earthquake in
rural Maharashtra state included the seldom-used products dental floss,
contact lens cleaner, and lubricants for sexual intercourse.  The newspaper
reported that an illiterate barber mistook the lubricant for shaving cream
and used it on customers. [Bangkok Post, Dec93]

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