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25 Apr
This is not sleazy or anything...

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 94 12:22:35 PDT
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Subject: This is not sleazy or anything...

[Something tells me these guys aren't too concerned with safety... -psl]

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Typed in without permission from the New Brunswick (NJ)
"Home News", Sunday, April 24, 1994:

Taking romance to new heights
(Knight Ridder Newspapers)

     Las Vegas -- New York has horse-drawn carriages, Venice has
gondolas, Los Angeles has the Love Boat.

     But never to be outdone, Las Vegas is taking romance to new
heights with a flying service whose passengers -- one couple at a
time -- hope for a bumpy ride.

     That's because they are allowed to do in the friendly Nevada
skies what they otherwise would be doing on terra firma -- and in

     To build his flying boudoir, entrepreneur Gary Levine replaced
the seven passenger seats in the back of a single-engine Cessna
with a full-size futon wrapped in Ralph Lauren sheets.  The cabin
is upholstered in violet, burgundy, and gray velvet.

     And if the neon lights of Las Vegas are not enough to create
a mood, soft music, mints and roses are provided for the couple who
rent the unusual but cozy love nest.  Also, Evian water and
towelettes for tidying up before landing.

     "This is not sleazy or anything," said Levine, 45, a
contractor born and bred and Philadelphia who last month started
the one-plane Style Express Ltd. with his wife, Lora.  The one hour
flight costs $250 per couple.  "It's very sanitary, wholesome
entertainment.  This is for couples who like adventure.  I'm sure
it will help some people to put a spark in their marriage."

     Indeed, New York therapist Ruth Westheimer said that sex in a
small plane 5,000 feet off the ground sounds like a great idea.  "I
think this could be sexually very arousing," said the famous Dr.
Ruth, giggling at a reporter's description of the fledgling
business.  "I just hope they change the sheets after each flight
and provide condoms."

     Sporting his snake-skin boots, Levine said he does change the
sheets but does not provide condoms.

     But what the couples do have said Style Express pilot Rollo
Manning, is privacy.  Six inches of Styrofoam divides the cockpit
from the cabin.

     Although Manning does not recommend that his passengers
consummate their relationship during landing or take-off, a long
safety belt stretches across the mattress -- just in case.

     Sex 5,000 feet off the ground is not a novel idea.  Levine
says, "When I had my private plane, I did that all the time with my
wife.  Just turn on the automatic pilot.  So I figured other people
may enjoy it."

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