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2 May
Re: mourning Nixon (songs)

Date: Mon,  2 May 94 13:39:13 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: mourning Nixon (songs)

From: peter dobkin hall <PHALL@YaleVM.YCC.Yale.Edu>

Back in 1960, I was hanging out with a young lady whose father was editor of
the Boston Globe.  She passed along to me the following gems which had been
circulating among the newspaper's staff.

NIXON'S NATIONAL ANTHEM (tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic)

My name is Richard Nixon, I'd make quite a president,
Extending freedom round the world, it won't cost you a cent.
I'll poke Nikita in the nose and punch Pope John for Lent.
America's heart is sound.

(Chorus) President of all the people.  No Jesuits beneath my steeple.
         Just happy, happy, happy people.  Avoid complacency.

I've seen tears upon the faces of half a million Poles.
I've been expectorated on in sundry foreign holes.
Let's remember Alger Hiss and to hell with Chester Bowles.
America's heart is sound.


Younger than Nixon was I
Covered with make up was he
Pancake and light can make you a fright
in TV screenings.

Better than Nixon looked I
All his statistics went by
Images flew, so nobody knew
that he out-aged me

For when the camera panned
I looked sun-tanned
and prematurely gray
So younger than Nixon I'll stay

Let him say naivite
He can be toothsome
But I'll stay youthsome
Come what may.

MOSCOW COMRADES (tune: California Here We Come)

Moscow comrades here we come.
What a place to campaign from.
First Adlai, then Humphrey, saw Mr. K.
Now Nixon is fixin' to have his say and save the day.
While Pat gives lollipops to kids
Dick will grease those summit skids.
And he'll grab that '60 plum.
Moscow comrades here we come.

(boy, this dates me!!!)

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