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3 May
Much to the conductor's dismay . . .

Date: Tue,  3 May 94 20:46:15 PDT
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Subject: Much to the conductor's dismay . . .

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From: (Sanjeev Dharap)

New York City, Central Park Concert Series [AP]

It was a lovely afternoon for a concert in the park.
However, just as the band started playing Beethoven's Ninth
symphony, it became really windy.  It was so windy in fact
that the orchestra's sheet music was beginning to fly off
the stands, so the conductor stopped halfway through the
song to allow the musicians to gather up their music.

During the break most of the musicians did just that, they
picked up the music and tied it to the stands so it wouldn't
blow away again.  However, the bass players decided it would
be a good time to have a bit of a drink.

When they finally got resettled and were ready to play
again, the conductor was dismayed to find that it was the
second half of the ninth, the scores were tied and the
basses were loaded.

[Yow! They blind-sided me!  -psl]

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