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9 May
The Rough, Tough World of Australian Rules Football

Date: Mon,  9 May 94 21:12:05 PDT
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Subject: The Rough, Tough World of Australian Rules Football

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From: Tim Ingram:

Melbourne, Australia:

The rough, tough world of Australian Rules football is agog.

A player was ejected and severely reprimanded for daring to
kiss an opponent flush on the lips.

Russell Prowse, who plays for Cardoss in the Millawa League,
thought a fight was developing during last week's match
against Bambill.  Instead of trading blows, he grabbed Scott
Cameron of Bambill and kissed him.

Cameron staggered back in amazement and the potential fight
evaporated, but umpire Tony Cox banished Prowse from the
field for misconduct.

Australian Rules football combines aspects of Gaelic
football, soccer and rugby and is played only in Australia.

"We felt sorry for Cameron, as Prowse is not an attractive
man," Cardoss president Keith Leach said.

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