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9 May
Aeroflot Flight 2315

Date: Mon,  9 May 94 21:15:08 PDT
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Subject: Aeroflot Flight 2315

[Does this explain something about Russian lemonade?  -psl]

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From: WhiteBoard News for May 09, 1994

Arkhangelsk, Russia:

An Aeroflot jet carrying 62 people made an emergency landing
in this extremely northern city Friday after the crew
managed to replace missing hydraulic fluid with lemonade.

There were no injuries reported.  But an airline duty
officer said the Tupolev-134 was seriously damaged when it
touched down with only part of the landing gear in place.

Flight 2315 from Moscow to Arkhangelsk Saturday had 55
passengers and seven crew.  As it prepared to land, two of
the three sections of landing gear failed to come down
because of a loss of hydraulic fluid.

As the plane circled, the crew "had to pour all the reserves
of lemonade into the hydraulic system" and managed to lower
one more section of landing gear.

Valentin Ignatiev, duty officer for Aeroflot, said the plane
ran off the runway and suffered wing damage.  He could not
confirm that lemonade was used in the hydraulic system.

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