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10 May
Re: The American Way Rears its Ugly Head

Date: Tue, 10 May 94 17:52:27 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: The American Way Rears its Ugly Head

From: "John C. Randolph" <>

FYI, about Canter and Siegel:

1) Canter has a prior in Florida, where he resigned the bar to avoid
prosecution for fraudulent practices in immigration law.

2) The claims made for this new "oxygenated water" product will place him
squareley in the FDA's jurisdiction, and advertising it on the net will send
him up the river for wire fraud.

3) the state bar of Tennessee got a pile of letters about him, and it looks
like he's headed for disbarment there, too.  This means that if he sues an
internet service provider who cuts him off, he must do it as an individual,
since if he does it as Canter and Siegel, Inc., the corporation MUST be
represented by an attorney :-).

4) Suing his service provider as an individual, means he drops his corporate
veil, and becomes personally liable for the costs of actions!

So, I wouldn't get too upset about his prospects for polluting our beloved internet.

[Yes, but...  What about the next guy who's squeaky clean but greedy?  -psl]

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