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16 May
Enter early, enter often...-

Date: Mon, 16 May 94 17:19:17 PDT
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Subject: Enter early, enter often...-

[I don't know if this fits best into the Stupid-User-Tricks category or into
the Unclear-On-The-Concept category... -psl]

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Subject: The great Trek debacle

Stupid User Tricks, monthly grand prize winner:

The Apr 23-29 issue of TV Guide contains a Star Trek trivia contest,
the Grand (well... the ONLY ) Prize of which is a trip to Hollyweird
to view the final ST episode with cast members.  Who cares, you say?

This contest features something which I don't think has been tried
before, and certainly will not be tried again: you can enter by e-mail
( So what?

The rules say you can "enter as often as you wish."


What's more, they also accept paper entries, and the winner is going to
be selected at random from all entries. This implies they thought they
were going to be able to print out all the e-mail entries and dump them
in the hat with the paper entries.

Double yow.

My sympathies to the mail admin at delphi....

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